The Hope Arts Gallery began in 1998 with 12 members. Today we have over 25 members who showcase their art in the Gallery and volunteer to oversee day to day operations

Exhibits, in diverse mediums and opening receptions are held each month in the Backroom celebrating local and regional artists. 

 The Hope Arts Gallery exhibits and sells original local works of art including paintings, prints, raku and functional pottery, drawings, photography, weaving, knitting, fabric arts, jewelry, pine needle baskets, mixed media and much more.

The Hope & District Arts Council and the Hope Arts Gallery welcome new members and volunteers.

If interested, please contact:

Hope Arts Gallery
(604) 869-2408
Hope & District Arts Council
(604) 869-3400



349 Fort Street, Hope BC




Hope Arts Gallery

The Hope Arts Gallery will now be open Friday,            Saturday and Sunday from 11am - 3pm.    
Open to the public free of charge with strict

covid-19 safety protocols in place. See outline of safety measures in place on the home page.
(604) 869-2408


Backroom Exhibit July 30 - August 28

Hope & District Arts Council’s 2020 COVID-19 Safety Plan for the Hope Arts Gallery

Step 1

Workers have determined areas where people gather, where tasks are done which are close to members of the public. Tools, machinery and equipment which are shared by workers and frequently touched items have been identified.

Step 2

Information, input and guidance has been sought from WorkSafeBC and BCCDC, and the BC Arts Council site.  Volunteer staff, the Executive Director and the Hope & District Arts Council board members have been involved through direct dialogue and Zoom meetings.

First Level- Elimination

Desk area cordoned off to maintain the single volunteer staff’s physical distancing to 2 m.

Second Level- Engineering Controls

Plexiglass barrier hung at desk area to process purchases with the debit machine

Debit machine moved to that countertop.

Third Level- Administrative Controls

Rules and guidelines adapted to the gallery from WorkSafeBC and BCCDC sites

Occupancy limits decided, one visitor or one “bubble“ per room (total of 5 rooms) to ensure social distancing; check hallway is vacant before use for visitor traffic flow protocol established, as there is no way to establish a loop.

Washroom designated for staff only.

The gallery will start opening slowly to allow for education of volunteer staff at the start of their first shift. Initially we will open only for Friday and Saturday, from 11-3 pm. As Dr. Henry advises and as we refine our procedures, we will slowly expand hours.

Cleansing and hand sanitizer materials are in place throughout the gallery with accompanying signage. Guidelines for each have been developed and a written copy will be posted at the desk.

The details of the guidelines are available from the Executive Director @  for WorkSafeBC if requested;

 “2020 Volunteer Guidelines adapted for HAG from WorkSafeBC”

 “2020 Working Alone Guidelines for HAG”

We have determined that the use of masks is not needed in this environment.

Posters for the front door will include limits of visitors, cough and sneeze coverage, prevent Covid-19 symptoms, as required.

Hand cleansing posters will be at sanitizer stations.

Unnecessary tools and equipment have been removed from the desk and kitchen areas. Volunteer staff have been advised to bring their own supplies.

Step 3

Workplace policies addressing illness symptoms of Covid-19 developed and posted on the front door. To be reviewed with all staff before starting.

Visitors are limited as per poster on front door.

Working alone guidelines have been developed and strategies are to be reviewed with all staff prior to starting. Details available from the Executive Director for WorkSafe BC if requested;

 “2020 Working Alone Guidelines for HAG”

Illness policies have been developed and are to be reviewed with all staff before starting. These are included in the “2020 Volunteer Guidelines adapted for HAG from WorkSafeBC” listed above.

Step 4

Communication plans and training policies that address new policies and procedures are addressed in the identified documents listed above. WorkSafeBC recommended signage is in place.

HDAC board members who are also volunteer staff will undertake the training of other volunteers and be available for ensuring policies and procedures are being followed. The staffing co-ordinator will also be available for volunteer assistance with upholding and refining policies and procedures.

Step 5

All members will be encouraged to monitor risks and offer suggestions for improvement to identified HDAC board members and the staffing co-ordinator.

Step 6

The training plan has been developed for the volunteer staff, including the use of products for hand cleansing and disinfecting, as outlined in “2020 Volunteer Guidelines adapted for HAG from WorkSafeBC”, listed above.

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Hope & District Arts Council  PO Box 546     349 Fort St., Hope BC  V0X 1L0    

email:   ph: 604-869-3400