Hope Arts Gallery

349 Fort Street, Hope BC
(604) 869-2408

  • Wednesday through Sunday

  • 11am - 3 pm

  • Feb 2, 2022 through Dec 24, 2022

Back Room ShowS

May 1-29   Painting etc  by Cathy Davis, Moira Stewart

                  & Robbie Weir

Jun 1 - 26   Hope Secondary School Art Students

Jul 1 - 29    Painting & Ceramics  Mila Koveschnikova


Aug 3 - 28  Photography by Angela Chapman from Agassiz


Sept 1 - 28  Fine arts of Jenny Wolpert


Oct 1- 29     Into the Forest   Paintings by Holly Smith  


Nov 2 - 27   Art by Lisa Haerttrich


Dec 1 - 24   Feathers and Flocks  A show inspired by birds 

presented by the members of the Hope Arts Gallery 

about the gallery

The Hope Arts Gallery and Gift Shop exhibits and sells fine art and crafts created by talented local artists. We feature a wide variety of media including paintings, prints, decorative and functional pottery, jewelry, wood, beadwork, fabric, fibre arts, and books.

Special exhibits are hosted monthly in the Back Room featuring local and visiting artists. See the information to the right for more information about current or recent showings. 

We publish the self-guided Art Walk Map which shows the site of Hope's famous chain saw carvings. The map also includes information about local businesses which we encourage you to support. 

Gallery artists are also volunteers! You may see them creating their work while you visit. We welcome new artists and volunteers. Please contact the gallery or the Hope and District Arts Council if interested.

Gallery Members

  • Diane Astle

  • Sharon Blythe

  • Gerda Borden

  • Kathleen Cameron

  • Jackie Coughlin

  • Michele Franklin

  • Gisela Good

  • Brigitte Hollmann

  • Jan Kinna

  • Mila Koveshnikova

  • Bruce McBride

  • Bill Pederson

  • Janet Rigby

  • Peter Scherle

  • Holly Smith 

  • Moira Stewart

  • Robbie Weir

  • Jenny Wolpert