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Hope Arts Gallery

COME VISIT US! Gallery artists are also gallery operation volunteers. You may see them creating their work while you visit.


Entry is free. There is a donation box at the front door for those who would like to contribute.

Browse the beautiful pieces for enjoyment and inspiration. The gallery has works from all types of mediums by local artists including watercolour, acrylic and oil paintings, hand built and wheel thrown pottery, beadwork and metalwork jewellery, fabrics, woodturning pieces, woven pieces, books, and more!

Special feature exhibits that we call Back Room Shows are hosted monthly in the back room of the gallery featuring local and visiting artists. See the information below for more information about current and recent displays.


All pieces displayed are available for purchase. Whether you’re looking for a unique greeting card, a small trinket souvenir, clothing, household items, or an exquisite piece of art for your wall or shelf, the Hope Arts Gallery is the place to visit!


We welcome new artists and volunteers. Please visit our membership page and contact the gallery in person or by calling (604) 869-2408 if interested.

349 Fort Street, Hope BC
(604) 869-2408

11am - 3 pm

Wednesday through Sunday

Feb 1, 2024 through Dec 23, 2024



Virtual Tour of the Hope Arts Gallery

Back Room ShowS



February: Member's Show: Footloose


March: Retrospect: work produced at the Art Machine over the past year


April: Angela Coughlin

May: Moira Stewart and friends


June: Hope Secondary School Art Department


July: Indigenous Art


August: Patricia Dennis: Glassworks


September: Peter Scherle and the Valley Woodturners


October: Brigitte Hollmann and Judith Ann Gillis


November: Diane McKenzie


December: Artsamazing #2

Gallery artists

  • Gerda Borden

  • Justin Brown*

  • Kathleen Cameron

  • Jackie Coughlin

  • Angela Coughlin

  • Ernestine Franson*

  • Gisela Good

  • Ed Hill

  • Brigitte Hollmann 

  • S​abine Keil*

  • Jan Kinna

  • Mila Koveschnikova

  • Bill Pederson

  • Janet Rigby

  • Peter Scherle

  • Allana Shumka

  • Holly Smith

  • Robbie Weir

  • Jenny Wolpert

* Associate Members

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