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About the Arts & Culture Map

The Arts & Culture Map is an inventory for residents, tourists, local organizations, and planners, that highlights the arts and cultural opportunities in the region. The free online and printed map highlights the creativity, culture, and history of Hope & District.

The purpose of the Arts and Culture Map is to create an inventory and tool to highlight what the region has to offer, as well as to profile artists and online businesses working in the region. The cultural map will showcase local artists, artisans, heritage, and other unique cultural aspects and provide tourists and visitors with information on what to do and see while visiting.

To be Included, A Listing must:

1. Have a clear relevance to arts and culture. Definitions can be found in the FAQ section below.

2. Have a geographic location* in Hope & District that can appear on the map.

  • This location must be publicly accessible or viewable. 

  • *If you are an artist or online listing without a geographic location, you can still fill out the form to be represented in the “Online Profiles” section on our website.

3. Fit into at least one category. Category definitions can be found here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Counts as Arts and Culture?

Art: We define art as the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination.

Culture: We define culture as the manifestation of shared values, art, beliefs, aesthetics, and identity. We recognize culture as an expression of how people relate to nature, the physical environment, and place.

Why should I participate?

By submitting a cultural listing to the map, it can help raise awareness about your business, organization, history, or culture. Additionally, it acts as a free marketing tool!

What if I don't have A Picture of My Listing?

If you do not have a photo of your listing, you are still able to fill out the form and submit it to us. We will reach out to you to see if we are able to help in any way, such as taking our own photo of the listing.

What if I don't have a location to list?

If you do not have a public location to include on the form, do not worry! Individual artists and online businesses can be listed on the Hope & District Arts Council's "Online Profiles" page.

My listing applies to multiple categories!

If the cultural listing you're submitting applies to multiple categories, please pick the ones that are most strongly related to the listing. 

Further Questions?

Feel free to email us at:

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