2020 COVID-19 Safety Plan

Student Guidelines |   LAST UPDATED  October 29, 2020

2020 Oct 29 Student Guidelines
  1. Each student will choose a table and place their bags, etc. on the floor. Before anything else, they are to get their card stamped/pay for the class. One at a time so they are not bunched at entry. Place the card on the TV tray on the counter top for the instructor to sign.

  2. Cards will be kept by the students. Payment is by exact cash/cheque only.

  3. For each students’ first lesson, the instructor will lay out equipment that will become the students kit, to be taken home with them and brought back to the next class.

  4. After the first class, students are to sanitize their table and chair with the Spray 9 at their table. Coats stay over their chair. Note: each table is set so students are spaced 2 M apart- tape markings on the floor. DO NOT ALTER. The tables are numbered, this also indicates where the student is to sit at the table to maintain the distance.

  5. Each station will have a hand san bottle. Hand san is to be used before touching communal items which will be on countertops.

  6. Moving around the classroom is to be kept to a minimum. Masks are to be worn at all times while in the studio.

  7. BR use- disinfect after use- Spray 9 in BR, wipe taps, flush handle, doorknobs- inner and outer. Do not use the handicapped BR or go into Studio B.

  8. Bring your own refreshments. There is no coffee, utensils.

  9. Book your class with the instructor, inform if cancelling.

  10. Each student is expected to take part in clean up after class. There is no cleaner. They clean their own table. The instructor will organize (and record) with the class who will do each of the following chores: sweep/wash floor, clean counter tops, taps, sink, bathroom taps, sink and toilet, flush handle.

  11. Garbage to be taken to the bin at the back alley when full. Key in hallway above bulletin board. There is no recycle- take whatever you have home.

  12. Illness policy:

    1. Do NOT come to class if you have cold/flu symptoms

    2. Inform the instructor of your cancellation

    3. If you become ill in class, inform the instructor whether you need assistance to go home or to the hospital. The instructor will call an ambulance.

    4. The class will be cancelled, the Executive Director (Council member if ED unavailable) informed, the area cleaned before classes resumed.

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