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2020 COVID-19 Safety Plan

Student Guidelines |   LAST UPDATED  November 22, 2020

step 1

Instructors and students have determined where people sit and obtain communal equipment, tools and machinery. Items for each class have been identified. They are placed on the counters/table for access by one student at a time.


Information and guidelines have been sought from WorkSafeBC and bccdc sites, instructors and students, Executive Director and Hope District Arts Council members.

  1. 1st  Level- Elimination- tables and chairs arranged to determine # of students the room can accommodate with one instructor, maintaining 2 m distance. Extra chairs removed and tape on the floor and tables to maintain the proper positions. Barriers have been placed between students.

  2. 2nd Level - administration- counter tops cleared to make easier cleaning. Student attendance and payment method adapted to reduce handling, cash box with float eliminated. Each instructor has assisted in the development of guidelines specific to their class. Occupancy numbers for each class determined. Students will be pre-registered, no drop-ins at this time.

  3. 3rd Level- hall way connecting to other studio cordoned off to slow movement between 2 areas. Studio A students will use only the adjacent bathroom. Disinfecting routines reviewed with each instructor. HDAC members have reviewed guidelines with instructors as they have been put into practice. Disinfectant (Spray 9) is available at the entry, at each table and in the BR. Hand sanitizer at each table.

  4. Signage on the front door includes Covid-19 warning signs, limits of people allowed, cough. The bathroom has hand cleansing posters.

  5. Masks are to be used at all times.

  6. Students have their own “kit” for class- eg., brushes, plate, water container, newspaper and bring their own refreshments. Studio equipment is available for these kits and will remain in the student’s possession for the foreseeable future. Hand san is to be used before handling communal items.


  1. Workplace policies addressing illness symptoms of Covid 19 posted on the door. Before attending class, all instructors will email their students the Student Guidelines which include the Illness Policy. A copy is posted at the entry.

  2. WorkSafe policies for Work Alone available for Instructors.

  3. Details of the guidelines will be available from the Executive Director for WorkSafe if requested.

  4. 2020 Instructor /Student Guidelines for Studio A

  5. Illness Guidelines

  6. Work Alone Guidelines.


Step 4

Communicating and training policies and procedures are addressed in identified documents listed above. WorkSafe recommended signage is in place. HDAC members who are also students have conducted the training of the instructors and are available to ensure policies and procedures are being implemented and revised.


Step 5

All instructors and students are encouraged to monitor and offer suggestions for improvement to the Executive Director or HDAC members.


Step 6

The training plan has been developed for the instructors, including the use of products for hand cleansing and disinfectants as outlined in the 2020 Instructor/Student Guidelines adapted for Studio A for WorkSafe, listed above.

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